Australian Masters Games

Adelaide Survivors Abreast paddle through another Masters Games

11 October 2019

Adelaide Survivors Abreast paddle through another Masters Games

Mary-Anne Holt is a member of the Adelaide Survivors Abreast (ASA) Dragon Boat team. Established in 2005, ASA promote breast cancer awareness in both men and women, by training and fundraising to compete in dragon boat locally, intrastate, nationally and at times, internationally. 

Mary-Anne and her husband Steve, both breast cancer survivors, are veterans to the Australian Masters Games.

“We did our first Games in 2003, and have now done 8 or 9 in total, with other team members having competed in 4 or 5 competitions.”

“The Masters are an open field, whereas in regattas – it’s more competitive and participants are in it to win. Masters competition is fun. People come from all over – and we connect with competitors from all over Australia,” she said.

Mary-Anne and Steve have been trying to raise awareness around male breast cancer and have found it to be challenging.

“There is no publicity around male breast cancer. We would love to be like America where they have the Male Breast Cancer coalition and it’s huge,” Mary-Anne said.

“We’ve tried with the Health Commission in Canberra, but Australia just doesn’t have the population to raise the awareness we need.”

The duo and their passionate teammates will continue to push and raise awareness around both male and female breast cancer. ASA is a member of the US based Male Breast Cancer Coalition, which aim to promote the fact that ‘men get breast cancer too’, and hope to raise more awareness in South Australia.

The dragon boat competition concludes tomorrow, which is also the final day of competition for the 17th Australian Masters Games. 

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